Hello! My name is Laura Manuel; amateur baker, photographer, uber nice human being. I love to bake! ;) I live in central Newfoundland and am currently doing my fourth year in high school. I failed math therefore the reason I am doing a fourth year. Since, math is the only credit I do not have, it is the only course I am taking. Therefore, I have a lot of free time on my hands. The reason I am starting this blog is, simply that and the fact that I love to bake and hope to pursue a career as a Baker. I have applied & been accepted (prior to graduating, etc.) to CNA in Stephenville and hope to start my college journey there of becoming a baker. After I finish that one year course, I would like to then, go to PEI and attend Holland College taking the Pastry Arts course. After that one splendid year, I plan to take a couple business courses online and I hope to move to Penticton or Osoyoos, BC and open a bakery there. :) So, basically this is the start of my lovely journey. Finding recipes and testing them, to discover if they were a total success or utter flop. Sharing my favorite baking products with the rest of the world. Learning useful tips, tricks, & techniques. I hope that if you have somehow stumbled upon my blog that you will find an enjoyment in it, a recipe you like or at least something good! I hope that if you do like my blog, that you will follow me along my path through the good and bad, the happy and sad. Whatever the wooden spoon or electric mixer throws my way! :D




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