tips, tricks & techniques.

~Tips, Tricks & Techniques~

No. 1 — When pouring cupcake batter into your cupcake/muffin pan use an ice cream scoop with a button (or a cookie scoop works too) it is way easier and faster than trying to pour it in with say something like a measuring cup.

No. 2 — Duncan Hines Cake Mixes usually call for 1 1/3 cups of water. Only put in the one cup or it will be too runny and harder to fill the cups without dripping batter everywhere.

No. 3 — Never be afraid to temper with a recipe to make it better.

No. 4 — Don’t be overly particular if your only baking for family; It doesn’t have to be bakery perfect especially if you’re cramming for time.

No. 5 — Practice makes perfect. So, don’t get frustrated if you cannot make an icing flower the first time you try it; keep trying and eventually you will have it nailed!


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