simply baking dreams.

1) Kitchenaid Stand MixerIce (aqua color) <3.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

pretty sure this is the mixer i want! :D

2) A Kitchen with a Double Oven, an Island you can eat at, etc.

i want a double oven so bad. :)

3) Different Display Cases for my Bakery like these.

Display Cases

i absolutely love how different these are! :)

4) A bakery that is similar and always busy like Carlos Bakery.

Carlos Bakery

i cannot wait to go to NY and go to Carlos Bakery; someday. :D

5) Funky Cake Stands like this in my bakery window.

Cake Stands

i am so digging these. ;)

6) A lovely display similar to Georgetown Cupcake when you walk into the door.

Georgetown Cupcake

doesn't it just look so nice && neat? :p Hehe


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