Hello there! and Welcome to my blog! Tomorrow is March first. My cousin’s birthday. The start of a new day, new month and guess what?! I will be officially starting baking tomorrow and posting my first official post! I hope you are as excited as I am to start down the path of becoming obsessed with baking and blogging. I hope to bake something weekly or as much as I can, (for someone who is trying to lose weight and has no idea what to do with everything she bakes, lol) and then eventually bake daily; with a ninety-two days of summer recipes, i may throw some beverages in there, as well (ie. smoothies) Eventually, i plan on doing a threehundredandsixtyfive days of baking project. (: So, if you have a recipe that you’re afraid to conquer yourself or would like to see someone else create, then just simply let me know by commenting or emailing. Enjoy the rest of your day/night and i shall see you in the blogging world tomorrow. ;)